How I can send sms and it does not writes to sms provider

I am FAST NU Student 17 batch. I am working on Android App kindly help on a issue:

(I have spent 12 hours today resolving this issue from google.. etc and now I am posting this question)

Following code sends sms but writes it to sms provider db. So if I send 1000 sms then there are 1000 entries in the default sms application of phone.

SmsManager sms = SmsManager.getDefault(); sms.sendTextMessage(phoneNumber,null,message,null,null);

I want that it should not write sms in sms provider db. How I can do this? Should I manually download the android OS source code from internet and edit SmsManager class in that or use C language or Assembly Language?

One solution is the following method but it is only available in ALI level 29(android 9 or android Pie).


Kindly give some advice about this. Yours Respectfully, Muneeb Zubair Khan