How is explosives damage determined in Shadowrun 2nd Edition?

In Shadowrun 2nd Edition, damage for grenades decreases from 10S in power level by 1 per meter for offensive grenades and by 1 per half meter for defensive grenades. The book gives an example to illustrate this on page 97 saying

a target standing three meters away from an offensive grenade blast would be subject to a base 7S damage, while a target standing six meters away would be subject to a base 4S damage.

Blast effects for other kinds of explosives aren’t described on this page.

The ratings for Plastic explosives is listed on page 257 enter image description here

Damage for Plastic explosives is described on page 242 as being the rating of the explosive with a severity of D so for example 1kg of Plastic, Compound XII would have a damage of 12D.

The Damage Code is (Rating)D per kilogram.

The page goes on to explain how the damage is reduced the further from the explosion the target is.

The Power of the blast is reduced by the base Rating per meter.

Does this mean that 1 meter away from detonating 1kg of Plastic Compound XII the damage is 12D and 2 meters away it’s 0D? This seems unlikely given how different "-12 per meter" is from the "-1 per meter" for grenades.

How do you calculate damage from Plastic explosives at a given distance from the explosion in Shadowrun 2nd Edition (2e)?