How is the food and water from Create Food and Water presented?

The spell create food and water says:

You create 45 pounds of food and 30 gallons of water on the ground or in containers within range, enough to sustain up to fifteen humanoids or five steeds for 24 hours. The food is bland but nourishing, and spoils if uneaten after 24 hours. The water is clean and doesn’t go bad.

When you cast this spell, how is the food and water presented? What I mean is, surely it doesn’t just dump food and water all over the floor (the water at least wouldn’t be of any use to anyone then), so does it come with plates and barrels (30 gallons is a lot of water, surely it would need large containers)? Do you have to put out plates and barrels first and then when you cast it the food and water fills the plates/barrels? How exactly does this work, or is that simply up to the DM to decide?