How many people fit into a 10 foot by 10 foot space [duplicate]

D&D rules proclaim ONE (1) medium creature uses 5’x5′ – in combat. Thus a 20’x20′ room holds 16 people, max. There are some interesting combat rules for ‘squeezing’ for ONE exceptional creature.

Please note, in reality 16 living people also fit into a small car. In fact, according to these rules, only 2000 people could fit into an 80 000 person football stadium. It would be good, valuable & reasonable to know how medium sized creatures fit when squeezed, out of combat or otherwise.

1. Are there ANY 5e D&D rules, offical tweets, UA suggestions &/or other stuff, optional or otherwise, for how many people fit, tightly-squeezed / maximum, into a given space?


2. Does ANY OTHER rule system have any suggestions on humanoid / spacing / out-of-combat?


3 Anyone with grasp of ‘physics’ &/or ‘how people fit together’… or ANY OTHER SOURCE… have ANY suggestions for how many people can typically pile into a space?

Reason for asking: Many creatures do not respect social space. Example: zombies – how many could pile into a 10×10 foot room just by walking in? ‘Obviously more than four’ is obviously correct but still not a useful answer.