How many spells do occultists get?

In the occultist description under implents it says

At 1st level, an occultist learns to use two implement schools. At 2nd level and every 4 occultist levels thereafter, the occultist learns to use one additional implement school, to a maximum of seven schools at 18th level. Each implement school adds one spell per spell level of that school of magic to the occultist’s spell list. No spells from any other school are considered to be on the occultist’s spell list until he selects the associated implement school. He can’t use spell trigger or spell completion magic items from unknown schools without succeeding at the appropriate Use Magic Device check. An occultist can select an implement schools more than once in order to learn additional spells from the associated school.

That makes me interperate the amount spells occultists get as 7 which makes absolutely no sense especially when you compare it to other prepared casters with 2/3 casting such as the bard.

So the question is how many spells do occultists actually get.