How should be GSA SER projects efficiently arranged to create more links?

Hello Sven,
is it better to create one master project and duplicate it aside (lets says 5 times), or create master project (already having approx. 19900 verified links for a few months) and create 5 Tiers below it? I have recently purchased here on Your board annual DropBox subscription with links refreshed every now and then, but DropBpox fights with GSA SER for system resources. Therefore I perform projects to reset some email cache, unify articles to keep only 1 finespinned and so one. My VpM falls no matter how I did it to @ 0,23VpM in a while.
You helped me some tine ago resolve freezing of GSA SER because of houndreds of e-mail addresses, that were kept in RAM. So now, I use for master project just 1000 of them, and they are shared to its Tiers. Now, highest file size in the folder is master’s file (.statics @ 25MB).

Any hint would be appreciated from You.