How strict is AirAsia with 7kg carry-on limit?

The total permitted weight for two (2) pieces must not exceed 7kg.

My carry-on bag on the way here had plenty of print meterials and was more than 20kg, more than than the hold luggage 🙂

(one optimised for weight, one optimised for size)

Now the paperwork is gone, but some of the weight remains. Do they weight bags?

Once in Puerto Rico I saw people being weighted on a scale before boarding a plane.

I’m not talking about bags, I’m talking about people!

Another example.

China is generally strict.

The weight of each carried item must not exceed 5kg (11 lbs.), and the volume must not exceed 20×40×55cm.

I was lucky enough that some of my friends were travelling by train – I asked them to take some stuff for me while I followed regulation religiously.

I saw so many other people with way larger (and supposedly much heavier) luggage. But I did not notice any weighting device.