How to access TWRP?

I found an old Samsung Note 4 of mine which I flashed a few years ago (Lineage OS if memory serves me right) and which I wanted to reuse for my son.

It is unfortunately stuck in a boot loop:

  1. If booted normally, it goes though the “Samsung Galaxy Note 4” initial screen (black and white and then after some time there is a vibration and it reboots (in a loop)

  2. If booted with HomePowerVolume-Up, a blue `RECOVERY BOOTING….” appears together with the Samsung Note 4 screen above, then it reboots (in a loop)

  3. If booted with HomePowerVolume-Down it goes into Download Mode

I tried to flashed the latest TWRP (3.2.3) via Odin – no changes

What is the reason of such a boot loop? Is there a bootloader missing? (I found a bootlader and flashed it, the flash was successful but the problem is still the same)

My main goal is to boot into TWRP in order to wipe and reinstall a new Lineage OS