How to build a dynamic aura blade type of power?

A player of mine wants to play a Sword master and sword collector type of character. I want it to build the power, if possible, with hero-lab (since is the standard in the group). The general idea is that the character can use most of his damage related powers without the swords but not as efficient as if he had one. For example, imagine a PL 10 character with an strength of 5, and the following power

Aura blade

  • Strength-effect: Extra: Reach 5 (melee, 5pp).

This would let the char to use his fist, for example, to do a type of Aura attack with some reach. But my problem is how do I build that, when he is using a sword, the Extra reach is increased to 10. Something like:

Aura blade

  • (A) Strength-effect: Extra: Reach 5 (melee, 5pp).
  • Strength-effect: Extra: Reach 3 (melee, 3pp), Stacks with (A). Flaw: Power-loss (Not using a sword-type weapon, -1pp)

But I have no idea how to build the second part in Herolab or if that is correct using the rules of M&M 3e at all.