How to calculate probability of values under Weibull distribution?

I have a Genomic data that shows the interaction between genomic regions that I would like to understand which interactions are significant statistically.

Dataset look likes:

chr  start1   end1   start2   end2   normalized count  1     500    1000   2000     3000       1.5  1     500    1000   4500     5000       3.2  1     2500   3500   1000     2000       4 

So, I selected a random number of data (as background) and fitted the normalized frequency into the Weibull distribution using fitdistrplus R packages and estimated some parameters like scale and shape for those sets of data (PD = fitdist(data$ normalized count,'weibull')).

Now I would like to calculate the probability of each observation (like a p-value for each data point) under the fitted Weibull distribution.

But I do not know how can I do that, Can I calculate the Mean of distribution then calculated Z-statistic for each observation and convert it to the p-value?

for example:

The random background that fitted to Weibull using the below parameters:

scale:0.12 shape:023 Mean: 20 Var:12 

How can I calculate the probability of sets of data like (1.2,2.3,4.5,5.0,6.1)?