How to check if Android app is taking pictures in the background? [migrated]

I have Android app that I found to be loading Camera in the background. It’s one of the most widely used internet browsers.

I been trying debug what is actually happening with LogCat in the Android Device Monitor. Couple of lines that catch my eye:

I/CameraManagerGlobal(24529): getCameraService: Reconnecting to camera service I/CameraService(331): getCameraCharacteristics: Switching to HAL1 shim implementation... I/NuPlayer(331): setDataSourceAsync(URL suppressed) I/CameraClient(331): Opening camera 1 E/QCamera2HWI(331): [KPI Perf] int qcamera::QCamera2HardwareInterface::openCamera(hw_device_t**): E PROFILE_OPEN_CAMERA camera id 1 I/QCameraHalWatchdog(331): Starting Watchdog Thread... E/mm-camera-intf(331): mm_camera_open: dev name = /dev/video2, cam_idx = 2 D/QCameraParameters(331): int32_t qcamera::QCameraParameters::initDefaultParameters(): supported pic sizes: 1280x960,1280x720,640x480,352x288 D/QCameraParameters(331): int32_t qcamera::QCameraParameters::setNumOfSnapshot(): nBurstNum = 1, nExpnum = 1 I/QCameraHalWatchdog(331): Stopped Watchdog Thread... I/CameraClient(331): Destroying camera 1 E/QCameraPostProc(331): int32_t qcamera::QCameraPostProcessor::deinit(): Jpeg closed, rc = 0, mJpegClientHandle = 7900 

How would I know if picture is actually taken?

Is this possibly normal behavior to check camera availability?