How to compile Python code with modules using Pyinstaller? (Como compilar um código em Python com módulos usando Pyinstaller?)

(Sorry for my english, I’m brazilian)

I’m trying to compile a .py file into an .exe file using Pyinstaller, but i’m having problems when I use modules.

When I try to compile a simple code with some simple modules, it runs:

import pymsgbox pymsgbox.alert("Testing","it just a test")  

But, when I try to compile it with another modules like PyAutoGUI and CV2 (OpenCV), I get a problem called “Fatal error”, even I don’t write nothing more. I get this error just making the import!

Does somebody know how to compile code with this following modules without problems?

import cv2 import pyautogui as pg import webbrowser as wb import xlrd as xlr import time import tkinter as tk import openpyxl import xlwt import os