How to Configure Ubuntu to Access Internet only with Wifi Ignoring Wire Connection (Ethernet)


  • the Wifi connection works perfectly with the DHCP of the router. Only with this connection, I can navigate the web.
  • the wire connection is necessary for me to be connected directly with an embedded system. In the middle there is a Switch and the only things I do is to set up the address IP of both (laptop and embedded system). The systems speak perfectly using ssh etc. No problem here.
  • OS Xubuntu 16.04 on my laptop and a Linaro on the embedded.

Problem: When I am connected to the system with the ethernet connection, it is impossible for me to navigate on the web. I guess it is because the laptop try to access using the ethernet connection. Of course, the ethernet connection goes only to the embedded system.

Question: Can I use the ethernet only for the system and the wifi to continue to navigate the web pages? How can I do that?