How to continue with my Wolfram cloud basic?

I have this simple question but failed to find an answer on the internet.

So far (over a course of 6 months or so) I am using a free account called: Wolfram cloud basic. I use this to make some 3D graphs and publish them, then embed the links for public access. That’s all I need.

Now, it said that all my files are going to expire within 7 days. And suggested me to upgrade.

When I clicked the suggested upgrade options, it gave me 3 options: Wolfram one, Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha Notebook edition.

My question: Which one should I consider if I only want to keep up my files on the cloud and have basic use (like plotting 3D graphs and embedding them somewhere)? Btw. I am a teacher coming from a third world country.

Thank for any suggestion.