How to correctly point a subdomain to my local server?

I have been using’s free service and a subdomain they provided to access my local server, which is on my computer. I use EasyPHP devserver as my local server.

In order to not continue to rely on’s service, I added an A Record to my own domain name ( and pointed the newly created subdomain ( to my IP address. However, it is not working.

As the time of writing this question, I have tested accessing my local server with my IP address and the subdomain provided by, and both works. It’s just my own subdomain ( that isn’t working, and my browser’s error message says it can’t establish a connection to the server at

What am I doing wrong?

Some culprits I’m suspecting are:

  • SSL issue. Browsers automatically change the connection to a .dev domain to a secured connection. But my browser’s error message does not seem to suggest a SSL issue.
  • Anti-virus software issue. Not sure how to check if it is related. But I don’t see my anti-virus showing any warning.