How to create bootable USB when you are currently using ‘Try Ubuntu’?

The issue is the following: I need to create a working WindowsBootUsbStick from Try Ubuntu.

I am currently using from an Ubuntu-Boot-USBStick the ‘Try Ubuntu’. Which is pretty neat – I set it up to download the WIN10 iso file on one of a Fat32 partition. After that I need to burn a bootable USB stick from here to setup Windows. What are the commands through Terminal to create a USB stick and burn an .iso to it?

Background story: I originally tried several methods – and to make you laugh – I am sitting among different USB sticks with Win7/Win10.

  • First I tried to create Win10USB from MacOS with UneBootin (1) This was woriking untill it stops at the setting up Windows 10 /Of course, I tried to solve it with different methods with BIOS/
  • Then I downloaded an another torrent-version of Win10 and created boot USB and same procedure it gave an another error(2)
  • Then I downloaded the official one from (3) and go through the same procedure.
  • Then I tried to choose an another boot program in that case I created the USB-Boot from MacOS Terminal(4) – it is not even working but the creation I think pretty similar like here.

So now I need to navigate(I) from terminal the ISO file then I need a command to create a bootable stick from there(II).

By the way the UbuntuBoot is working properly so from here I can easily get an up and running Ubuntu but before I need Windows.

These are the partitions what I created with ‘Try Ubuntu’ mode.

Device         Start       End   Sectors   Size Type /dev/sda1       2048 104974335 104972288  50.1G Microsoft basic data  /dev/sda2  104974336 167888895  62914560    30G Linux filesystem  /dev/sda3  167888896 230864895  62976000    30G Linux filesystem  /dev/sda4  230864896 976773119 745908224 355.7G Microsoft basic data 

I also created a folder at the FAT32 partition at /dev/sda4 with the name of the Folder: ‘Downloads’ So first question:

How can I reach the .iso file from Terminal?

– I found this helpful question about this navigation with Terminal

Then how can I create the bootable USB stick with the Win10.iso file?