How to create random interpolated polygon shapes based Mesh in Unity?

I want to generate random Polygon (or maybe I am not using correct term) shapes as Mesh generated randomly and dynamically from script in runtime as shown in the picture attached. enter image description here

I want to use as Mesh Collider based on those procedurally generated shapes, I am using those shapes as to detect Bounds.Contains a certain gameObject’s position. I also want to assign a transparent material to those shapes, that will only be a color though or a diffuse texture with different opacity.

I have seen some tutorials on how to generate mesh from script, but it only helps me if I know the vertices positions exactly and how to adjust the tangents. I am unable to make them randomly generated. If you can help me correct the technical term used for this kind of shapes will also be useful. Or any work done before similar to this in the form of an Asset available on Unity store, or github repository. Or maybe even basic idea on approach how to research it or do it.