How to display CellObjects as Cells in PopupWindow

I am attempting to use a celltag ("temp") to display an entire cell in a PopupWindow. To see what I am attempting to do, open a new notebook and evaluate the following:


Now, in a new cell, evaluate the following:

PopupWindow["Click Me", RawBoxes[NotebookRead[Cells[CellTags -> {"temp"}]]],ShowCellBracket -> True] 

The resulting output is a button labeled "Click Me". When you click this button a PopupWindow appears containing the contents of the cell with celltag "temp". My problem is that I am only grabbing the contents of the cell in the PopupWindow and not the entire cell.

I would like the entire cell including the grayed out section to to the right. I turned on the cellbrackets for clarity. It appears I am only grabbing the text. I can’t figure out how to grab the entire cell and display it in the PopupWindow. Any ideas?

BTW… my goal is to create buttons that appear as words in a text cell that when clicked will display a popup containing definitions grabbed from other cells in the notebook.

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