How to display the categories on page using shortcode?

I am trying to display the categories name on my page but it’s not displaying. I am using the below code and I added the shortcode gridCategories on my page. I am getting only array

function createGridCategories(){ $  categories = get_categories( array(     'taxonomy'   => 'category',     'orderby'    => 'name',     'parent'     => 0,     'hide_empty' => 0, // change to 1 to hide categores not having a single post ) ); var_dump($  categories); return $  categories; } add_shortcode( 'gridCategories', 'createGridCategories'); 

I tried this also

$  categories = get_the_category(); var_dump($  categories); 

I added a shortcode like this in textblock

enter image description here But still, I am not getting any output on my page. Is there any issue with my code?