How to draw arrows of certain length from a point, at a certain angle?

What’s the specification to draw arrows of a certain length (from a reference point), at a given angle?

Say, I want to draw an arrow of length 1 at 0 degrees, and one of length 0.5 at 90 degrees, each arrow starting at a giving originPt. Ideally, I’d like a function where I give as argument a list of arrowSpecs, like this:

(*Arrow list {arrowColor, originPt, lengthFromOrigin, angle}*) originPt = {0,0}; arrowSpecs = {{Blue,originPt,1,0},{Red,originPt,0.5,90}}  (*My desired function*) arrowDrawing[arrowSpecs] 

Getting this:

enter image description here

Note that the originPt could be different for every arrow, here just for simplicity I used the same.