How to embedded exe file into png file such that when png file open then exe file also open with png?

No code yet.I have used binary and base64 to embedded exe and png file into png.But none of these method works for me.Because when I run png file exe is not run.I didn’t why?I need help in this project

saveFileDialog1.InitialDirectory = @”C:\”; saveFileDialog1.Filter = “PNG (.png)|.png|JPG (.jpg)|.jpg“; saveFileDialog1.ShowDialog();

    string imageString = Convert.ToBase64String(image);     string exeString = Convert.ToBase64String(exe);      string pading = "";     while (imageString.Contains("="))     {         imageString = imageString.Remove(imageString.Length - 1);         pading = pading + "=";     }      File.WriteAllBytes(saveFileDialog1.FileName, Convert.FromBase64String(imageString + exeString + "="));     MessageBox.Show("Done");