How to find the square with the highest total sum

I have an integer matrix of size 4n x 4n. I need to select a part of the matrix of size n^2 from which adds up to the most.

For example if n = 3. I have a matrix of size 12 x 12. In the below picture, you can clearly see that n^2 square (outlined in red) adds up to the most. For simplicities sake, I made all the numbers 5, expect for 9 of the boxes which are 9999 so its clear that that is the n^2 squares that add up to the most.

enter image description here

My approach to solving this problem was to essentially create a n^2 square and brute force the entire 4n x 4n matrix. However, that runs in O(n^4) time complexity. How can I do it in O(n^2)?