How to generate an heterogeneous mesh

I’d like to generate a mesh with a big variance in cell size. Something like

enter image description here

I’d prefer not to rely on a vertex model and perhaps use something simpler, like VoronoiMesh. Any ideas?

Further comments: I’d simply like to get a mesh-type object with varying cell sizes and similar to the picture above. Not much else is required. When using VoronoiMesh I might need to tweak the distribution of the random points in order to better mimic the image. Simply using VoronoiMesh[RandomReal[1, {300, 2}]], for example, is not "diverse enough". I’ve also heard of weighted Voronoi tessellations, but I want to keep the polygon-shaped mesh. A clustering distribution of points, with multiple clusters, should do the trick, but I’m not sure how to do it.