How to get a vertical z axis in a 3D plot of mathematica?

I’m plotting some data as a 3D graph using mathematica.

Plot3D[{Pcase1[Dy, D\[Phi]], Pcase2[Dy, D\[Phi]]}, {Dy, 0, 1}, {D\[Phi], 0, 0.5}, Boxed -> False, AxesLabel -> Automatic, ScalingFunctions -> {"Reverse", None, None}, ColorFunction -> "BlueGreenYellow"] 

It generates a plot shown below.

enter image description here The problem with this plot is that the Z-axis is not vertical. How do I make the Z-axis vertical?

Update: I looked at surface plot examples in Matlab documentation and found that the Z-axis seems to be vertical in their examples. One figure for illustration with high elevation is shown below:

enter image description here