How to get correct note timings when importing multi-track Midi files?

I have observed when importing midi files with more than one track, the times for every track except for the first one are sped up.

for example,

Import[file, "SoundNotes"][[4, -10]] Import[file, {"SoundNotes", 4}][[-10]] 


SoundNote["F5", {404., 404.569}, "Oboe", SoundVolume -> 0.752941] SoundNote["F5", {408.062, 408.659}, "Oboe", SoundVolume -> 0.752941] 

As you can see, by the end of playing this file, the fourth track is over 4 seconds off!

On the other hand, the first track shows no time difference at all between the two import methods:

Import[file, "SoundNotes"][[1, -10]] Import[file, {"SoundNotes", 1}][[-10]] 


SoundNote["F6", {408.062, 408.629}, "Flute", SoundVolume -> 0.752941] SoundNote["F6", {408.062, 408.629}, "Flute", SoundVolume -> 0.752941] 

You can definitely hear this offset by the end of the piece, especially if it is a two-track piano midi roll.

How can I properly import the midi without messing up the timestamps for the lower tracks? This bug is present in Mathematica 12.3.1 on Windows 10.