How to get my NuGet packages more popular?

I have published few NuGet packages, some still need to be finished in order to be published, some are just on the back of my head. Sadly, none of them got even minimal recognition. I’ve seen some libraries starting to gather attention from nothing, others slowly decaying into oblivion.

One obvious answer to my question is pretty harsh — a NuGet package will get popular if it’s good and needed; otherwise it’s just not good enough or needed at the time.

So why can’t I let it be? Why do I need the popularity for?

To be clear — I don’t want to bathe in compliments treating about how magnificent my code is. I’m not a programming god, so that’s not the case. Neither I want to turn the community folks into free manual testers, because I have tests of my own and I would certainly not publish a package with attitude like “There might be some bugs, but that’s okay”.

I just honestly envy the greatest benefit of open-source projects — the community feedback.

At the moment I keep all my NuGet projects repositories on GitLab. Sadly, I feel that using GitLab for my NuGet packages projects is effectively limiting their potential to be recognized, not like I would store them on GitHub. GitHub is way more popular, has its topics feature and has significantly more users. After all I’m good with GitLab because of its many built-in features like CI, so I would prefer not to transfer my projects just to gain more recognition. I’m here wondering what more can be done?

Are there some sites where I can write an article showing how to work with my library, so people can see it?

Maybe I should add my packages to some sort of online list of good libraries?

If you know any secret ways to get more recognition, please, tell me about them.

I know that this question may appear off-topic but think about it. It is related to software development, especially to the NuGet packages topic, so for that I find it relevant.