How to get the most feats for a spellcaster?

I have an idea for a spellcaster character but it needs as many feats as possible.

I’m aware that things that grant bonus feats are rare or non-existant. I don’t really need any feats, just spellcaster-relevant feats – you know, Spell Focus, Spell Penetration, Metamagic feats and such.

Things like Fighter bonus feats are ofc irrelevant here since it only grants combat feats and I wouldn’t get spell slots.

Is there a way to get more spellcasting feats than the obvious Human Wizard?

Loremaster Prestige class can grant a bonus feat at first level while progressing spellcasting which is good. The catch is that it requires a Skill Focus feat as prerequisite which makes it useless unless there is a way to get Skill Focus as a bonus feat somehow.