How to get the to work in a custom Gutenberg plugin?

I am trying to develop a new Gutenberg plugin which will need to save raw html . I use the utility in the save method and it seems to be outputting nothing. Then I output the sampe attribute within a simple and I can see that it does output the escaped html. In my usecase, I need to ensure the the RawHTML is saved. How do I accompish this.

Here the the code: It is very elementary. There is a textarea and I paste the HTML into it. Then when the save is called, I use {props.attributes.content} to persist. I have added a simple span just to make sure that the content was not blank. In the published post, I see the simple span but where I expect Rawhtml, it is blank

What is going on ? How can I make RawHTML work for my plugin code ?

(I am testing with WordPress Version 5.4.2 )

import block_icons from '../icons/index';  //  Import CSS. import './style.scss'; import './editor.scss';   const { RawHTML } = wp.element; const { PanelBody, PanelRow,     TextControl, SelectControl, Disabled, SandBox, SVG, Path } = wp.components   const { InspectorControls,     BlockControls,     AlignmentToolbar,     RichText,     BlockAlignmentToolbar, PlainText } = wp.editor;  const { withState } = wp.compose; const { __ } = wp.i18n; const { registerBlockType } = wp.blocks; // Import registerBlockType() from wp.blocks   registerBlockType('poc/sandbx', {     title: __('TestRaw', 'poc'),     description: __('TestRaw example', 'poc'),     category:  'common',     icon: block_icons.vipu,      attributes: {         content: {             type: 'string',             default: ''         },     },      supports: {         html: false,     },        edit: (props) => {         console.log(props);         console.log("content :" + props.attributes.content);          return [             <div className={props.className}>                   <textarea className="block-editor-plain-text"                       placeholder={__('Add your html  here.', 'poc')}                      onChange={(event) => props.setAttributes({ content: })}                      value={props.attributes.content}                 />                </div>         ];     },     save: (props) => {         return (<div className="wp-content-block">             <span className="check1">                 <RawHTML> {props.attributes.content} </RawHTML>             </span>              // double check to ensure that the content was not blank.             <span className="check2">                 {props.attributes.content}             </span>          </div>         )        } });