how to get users with usermeta include array of an array

i have a user_meta for users that them is array like below:

user_saved_posts = [31289,31482,27641] 

and i want to get users that their user_meta include an item of an array like below:

goal_posts = [31289,31422,77641,41289,21482,17641] 

if user have an item of goal_posts array must returned them. i use below code but this code worked if i have a value for search in user_meta

$  args = [         'meta_query' => [             [                 [                     'key' => 'saved_posts',                     'value' => sprintf(':"%s";', 31289),                     'compare' => 'LIKE'                 ]             ]         ]     ];     get_users($  args);