How to Get VR Controller’s Velocity in Unity with SteamVR?

Back when I used Unity 2017 and controller bindings weren’t a thing, I simply attached a rigidbody to my Vive controller and read out the velocity of the rigidbody to know how fast the player was swinging the controller. Now, I’ve updated to Unity 2021.2.0a14, I went through all the effort of modifying my code to work with bindings, and it doesn’t seem like I can get velocity anymore. The rigidbody always reports zero velocity. I can see the World Center of Mass vector changing so I know it registers motion, but it’s just not reporting the velocity anymore. Is there a new setting in Unity I need to turn on to measure things that it doesn’t personally control? Or do the new bindings options have a way to get velocity as an input? Am I forced to calculate it myself now? Thanks!