How to get WP GraphQL data on React front-end using Axios?

I want to know how to query data from the WP GraphQL plugin using Axios on a React front-end.

I have a headless WordPress installation with the WP GraphQL plugin installed (that part is working great), but I need help understanding how to query the post data on the front-end of the site, which is built in React.

My impression is that I can call Axios inside of a componentDidMount() method, and beyond that idea, I am stuck.

GraphQL endpoint:  Query:      {     toasters {       edges {         node {           title           toasterMeta {             color             brand           }         }       }     }   } 

toasters is the name of a custom post type, and in my WP GraphiQL explorer it returns the results I am expecting to see — the query is from there.

For example, this normal WP API request works, but it’s not GraphQL

axios.get("").then(posts => {         this.setState({             posts:         }); });