How to handle not being able to attend as often as I’d like

I’ve been playing with a group for about a year. I have no complaints about my group, I’m the problem. I’m the only one who has kids, and unfortunately for me my wife is not exactly supportive either. As a result, the rest of the group plays every week, I am lucky to make it on average every 3rd week. It’s led to me becoming frustrated enough to want to give up, not because I don’t love D&D, but I am constantly missing content that I really want to participate in, and I feel like I’m letting my group down.

What I’m looking for is any strategy that people have found that works in a situation like mine? Specifically, how to manage a group where it’s only one person who can’t be there regularly but desperately wants to. Is there anything I can do to stay engaged in weeks I’m not there? Also, has anyone found a way to handle this relative to spellcasting classes? I play a bard, and if it’s weeks between me playing I am generally coming in off a full rest, when the rest of the party may be pretty beat up; as a result I don’t really worry about managing resources whenever I play, since it’s nearly guaranteed by the next time I play it’s likely been weeks and I’ll be coming off a “rest” of sorts.