How to hide race transformation [closed]

I am playing AD&D1st/2nd. My knight are getting transformed into Drow(by ego Item), the transformation will be complete in like 30 days and My party is like elves, gnomes, and humans. How can I possibly hide my transformations?

Thank you for your answers in advance.

Some additional info I am Lvl 4 Human Knight(Cavalier)/Pal, I use full plate armor+helmet (but haven’t done my training yet), playing a Lawful evil character (the item I picked up is Demonic/evil). If I would be good the item would simply posses me. Item was forged by Drow, thus it thinks that only Drow should use it, that’s why it tries to transform me into the Drow. I do have a bunch of non-weapon profs(Diplomacy, Government, Heraldry, Strategy, Geography, Economics, Captaincy / Command), but they are useless when trying to hide the changes in my body. (Yes, It is homebrew Item)

P.s Sorry for not giving enough information , I started playing D&D a week ago, still don’t know a lot of things…Thank you for your understanding