How to identify iPad/iPhone by Model Number

Settings -> General -> About -> Model Number 

How to use this value (ML2I2KN/A, for example)? It is an official model identifier from Apple, but how can one use it to identify his iDevice? I didn’t find any service of the kind at the Apple’s website.

If you tap on Model Number it will show another value – in format like A1652, and this value can be used at Identify your iPad model page (or similar for iPhone), but unlike ML2I2KN/A it cannot be used to identify how much RAM this particular model has or what color it is.

There is Everyi service, but quite often it doesn’t find anything. For example, searching for ML2I2KN/A gives nothing (I know it’s iPad Pro 12.9 from 2015, but that’s not the point).

Simply googling this value will highly likely result in some store’s website with the correct item specification, and there is also this wiki page with quite an impressive table of models.

But is there some “official” resource for that purpose?