How to import Azure blob file into Sql Server 2008

Is there a way to import Blob files into sql server 2008 other than using CLR ?

The file size is around 300MB so CLR isn’t efficient enough. Is there a possibility to use BULK INSERT or OPENROWSET in 2008 server?

Example in Sql Server 2017 we can do this

CREATE DATABASE SCOPED CREDENTIAL AzureDevBlobImportCred WITH IDENTITY = 'SHARED ACCESS SIGNATURE', SECRET = 'st=2018-12-05T.....'  go  CREATE EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE AzureDevBlobImportExternalSrc WITH  (     TYPE = BLOB_STORAGE,     LOCATION = '', -- storage account URL     CREDENTIAL = AzureDevBlobImportCred -- External Data Source ); 

then we can use the external data source in bulk import

BULK INSERT #Mytemptable  FROM 'filename' WITH (DATA_SOURCE = 'AzureDevBlobImportExternalSrc' );  

So do we have something like above to import blob files in Sql Server 2008 ?