How to insert fields into a link field in twig?

We have several fields on our Article content type, one of which is a Link field. In a twig template we would like to display a <section> such that all of it is clickable with different fields inside of it.

Current node--article.html.twig

<section>   <a href={{ url }}>{{ label }}</a>   <div>{{ content.body }}</div>   <div>{{ content.field_subtitle }}</div>   <div>{{ content.field_category }}</div> </section> 

Modified node--article.html.twig template to make entire <section> clickable (desired output).

<a href={{ url }} >   <div>{{ content.body }}</div>   <div>{{ content.field_subtitle }}</div>   <div>{{ content.field_category }}</div> </a> 

Is there another way I should be doing this?

I was looking for something similar to below. It would output what is under the Modified node--article.html.twig (above)

{{ link(label, url)|insert(content.body, content.field_subtitle, content.field_category) }}