how to interact(provide inputs and read output) with command invoked by batch file using java

I am trying to run a bat file which invokes a Java class, I want to continue interacting with command window by providing inputs and reading output from command window. But I am only able to read the first line of the command prompt and not aware how to interact with it further. on executing batch file it prompts us for a file name, once file name entered, it ask for other details

Tried using process builder and plexus util, I am not able to figure out how to run the second command after executing first one.

The below images is if I do manually, first it prompts me for file directory, enter image description here

Then it prompts me for date enter image description here

Tried using the below code

public class plexus {

public plexus() {     String batfile = "regression-test-runner-steadfast.bat";     String directory = "C:\Dev\temp\IOS-automation-test\Steadfast-UAT-Regression-Test-Runner-Client-dist";     try {         runProcess(batfile, directory);     } catch (CommandLineException e) {         e.printStackTrace();     } }  public void runProcess(String batfile, String directory) throws CommandLineException {      Commandline commandLine = new Commandline();      File executable = new File(directory + "/" +batfile);     commandLine.setWorkingDirectory(directory);     commandLine.setExecutable(executable.getAbsolutePath());     commandLine.createArg().setValue("C:\Users\U399526\Desktop\SVU_XML\Scenario 1");      WriterStreamConsumer systemOut = new WriterStreamConsumer(             new OutputStreamWriter(System.out));      WriterStreamConsumer systemErr = new WriterStreamConsumer(             new OutputStreamWriter(System.out));      int returnCode = CommandLineUtils.executeCommandLine(commandLine, systemOut, systemErr);       if (returnCode != 0) {         System.out.println("Something Bad Happened!");     } else {         System.out.println("Taaa!! ddaaaaa!!");     }; }  public static void main(String[] args) {     new plexus(); }