How to keep the players to work together?

I am the GM of a group of 5 players, i know them as i usually play other games with them. For the sake of the campaign they do not know their past, nor each other or why are they summoned, after some exposition, they learned that they have to cooperate to escort a VIP somewhere, in the first night of their trip i prepared a small encounter disguised as a barfight. the players are all humans :

  • Woman barbarian (WB)
  • Woman paladin who prays Tyr(WP)
  • Woman Rogue (WR)
  • Man cleric who prays Kelemvor (MC)
  • Man warrior (MW)

So here is how it played out : A drunk guy blamed WB spilling his beer (even if she did not), MW tried to calm things but WB wanted to slap the drunk dude, WR caught her before touching him, and the drunk dude lunged and engaged the fight. WP and WR decided to keep the VIP safe and watch the scene from afar, WB just punched the dude directly, then MW held the drunk by the collar and as he succeded to take the guy out of the place, but on his way, WB landed a hit and put him to 1hp even if he was already handled by MW (i played it out as being unconscious). MC stayed on his chair the whole time drinking his beer, until another drunktard attacked WB with a stool, for hitting his friend, MC used a cantrip twice(sacred flames) on him, and WB entered into rage mode and litterally put the enemy into the negative thus making him roll for death saves. WR rushed to save the dying guy and I ended the session after WP, WR and MW asked themselves if they should leave the other two for such behavior.

WP asked me if she could go to the nearest guard to denounce the attempted murder.

Now, on the first session, i have two people who might be abandonned for their murderous intents and even jail time for WB.

How can i get to make them cooperate or just tolerate each other?