How to keep WP from creating a “single-post” page and let the user input the link of the post in the dashboard?

I have this very specific questions. On my homepage I decided to show excerpts of the latest news and events with a "while" loop. The issue is that I want the admin to define what the permalink will be of said post, and not have a /event/lorem-ipsum page for each event. The idea is to link those excerpts to Instagram posts, Facebook posts, or whatever…

My custom_post_type function is:

register_post_type('event',      array(         'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'events'),         'labels' => array(             'name' => 'Events',             'singular_name' => 'Event',             'adding_new_item' => 'Add event',             'edit_item' => 'Edit event'         ),         'menu-icon' => 'dashicons-calendar-alt',         'public' => true,         'has_archive' => true,         'supports' => array(             'title', 'thumbnail', 'editor',          )     ) );