How to link header files after make install pnetcdf

I am trying to follow the instructions after installing pnet cdf. After running the following:

cd pnetcdf-1.11.2 ./configure --prefix=$  HOME/PnetCDF --with-mpi=/usr/bin --enable-netcdf4 --enable-shared --enable-thread-safe make -j8 make install  PATH=$  HOME/PnetCDF/bin:$  PATH ; export PATH 

I get the following message:

PnetCDF has been successfully installed under |          /home/mmann/PnetCDF | |  * PnetCDF header files have been installed in |          /home/mmann/PnetCDF/include | # * PnetCDF library files have been installed in | #         /home/mmann/PnetCDF/lib |  #* PnetCDF utility programs have been installed in |  #        /home/mmann/PnetCDF/bin |  *# PnetCDF man pages have been installed in |      #    /home/mmann/PnetCDF/share/man | |  To compile your PnetCDF programs, please add the following to the command |  line, so the compiler can find the PnetCDF header files: | #     -I/home/mmann/PnetCDF/include | |  Add the following line to link your program to PnetCDF library: |      -L/home/mmann/PnetCDF/lib -lpnetcdf 

As a nube, it is unclear to me how to add these links.

Do I run the following?

g++ -o sms ./src/sms.o -I/home/mmann/PnetCDF/include  g++ -o sms ./src/sms.o -L/home/mmann/PnetCDF/lib -lpnetcdf