How to make a content management system to load webpages without a PHP loader and its query strings?

I have a MediaWiki 1.35.2 Hebrew website which is principally all core; I host that website on a Apache, Nginx (as reverse proxy), PHP and MySQL hosting environment.

The default behavior of MediaWiki is to load any webpage with load.php and often many query strings;
It often raises errors in Google Pagespeed Insights about too many resources which consume loading time (maybe it’s better to load these informally without query strings) and it also makes my URLs "long" instead "short" (i.e. without using this load.php method) when they are already long because of Right-To-Left language Encoding.

For some reason/s I have a very hard time finding my way in the following MediaWiki guides on how to get shorter URLs without load.php and its query strings (guides that include explicitly outdated parts and/or many warnings and exceptions):

  • Manual:Short URL
  • Manual:Short URL/Apache