How to make a dynamic/variable length physics based rope in Unreal?

So I have followed several tutorials on making a physics based rope. I have found success but, it seems like a waste of time to keep creating a mesh and calibrating it for each rope that I create. I really need a more streamlined approach to be able to create them faster as I have a lot of different ropes of varying lengths and diameter.

It seems to be rather inefficient to create a skeletal mesh for each rope that I create. It would be really nice if I could create a rope of say 1 unit and then add multiple of these units together to create a longer one that has the correct physics or at least very little manual calibration needed.

This doesn’t need to be done at runtime but, I’d like the finished asset to be able to do it all inside of Unreal Editor.

Has anyone done anything similar to this or can point me in a generally good direction? I really don’t know where to start with this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.