How to make variable update for each instance of for-each loop?

I have a for-each loop that goes through a file directory. These files are transaction information from different clients. When there is an error with a file (i.e. can’t be processed), the Event Handler is to send an email to the client notifying them. There is a SQL task that uses an existing variable (Client ID from the file) that queries a table to get the Client’s email address. I created a variable for the Client Email. I want to make this update each time the for-each loop is run, since each file will have a different value for the client email variable.

How can I ensure this?

Inside the for-each loop, there are three data flow tasks that could conceivably "error" and that’s when I will be sending these notification emails. Will I need to scope a variable for each of the three executables within the loop for the Client Email? Or can I scope a single variable in the for-each loop?

I understand this may be a bit confusing so please let me know if you have any questions.

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