How to negate disadvantage on performance?

My bard will need to play for a long time. Long long time. Long enough that they’ll basically collapse from exhaustion (exhaustion level 5, speed reduced to 0). I assume I will need to roll performance at least once per exhaustion level. I would very much like to do that without disadvantage on performance.

My bard will be level 10, and utilizing level 10 Magical Secrets is an option. This is a one-time event, but duration will depend on DM (a few days maybe). My bard has relevant instrument proficiency, if that can help. Solution can be, but does not have to be, somehow getting advantage for all these rolls. Getting a specific magic item might not be out of the question. Multi-classing is not an option. (Ask for more details and I’ll add them here.)

In this situation, what ways exist to negate the disadvantage caused by exhaustion level 1 on Performance(CHA) ability checks?