How to open .xml files in Cryengine 5.6.2?

I am new at this engine and I am trying to understad its stuff before developing a game(I have good prior experience with unity and UE4) and this got me lots of headaches trying to understand it. My main problem is opening a .xml file, first of all I created a new project using third person shooter template and I started to study C# code and how character was animated using .xml files.

I know that cryengine V uses a thing called flow graph that makes the logic of an object by displaying a graph reading xml text.

What I have tried:

  1. Clicking 1000 billion times the .xml file. enter image description here

  2. Trying to open it by importing into the flow chart thing. enter image description here

How do I open this .xml file in a flow graph? There is poor documentation about this in docs.cryengine and makes hard for us to understand the logic.