How to optimize a TWF Barbarian Elf

A little backstory:

One of my earliest DnD characters was a Two-Weapon-Fighting Purple-haired Barbarian Elf. He was immensely popular due to his unorthadox nature as a war-loving elf that embraced the more brutal side of Barbarianism, and he weilded two weapons at once.

However, as time went on it became increasingly obvious that he was not as optimized as he could be – against all but the least-optimally built foes, he was at best a distraction in battle.

Now, years later, I’m trying to think of how I could optimize this character.

The conditions are thus:

  • DnD 3.5e
  • High Elf (No Wood Elf, or any other race)
  • TWF (He must have two-weapon fighting)
  • Mostly Barbarian (He can multi-class if required, but Barbarian is preferred as his main class)

His original build used a Battleaxe and Shortsword, but any two similar weapons that work in TWF would be okay too. What seemed to really hold him back was a lack of mobility, and being outpaced in terms of pure damage output by those with non-TWF builds.

Edit: To clarify some of the questions that have been asked –

32 Point Buy system

Assume all books are open, but not magazines like Dungeon.

And allow for 2 Flaws and 1 Trait.