How to organize projects in AWS?

In our team, we are using AWS as our main cloud provider and currently, we have 3 projects hosted on their platform.

We are about to have 2 more projects in the next weeks, but first, we want to organize our projects, because our current organization is a little bit disordered.

We want our projects to be organized following these rules:

  • Each project must have a staging and production environment.
  • Each project is independent of each other so that it is not possible to see the resources of a project from within another project, i.e., VPC and S3 Buckets.
  • The client is responsible for paying the bills of the project (staging and production environment).
  • Even though the client is responsible for paying the bills, we must have access to the environments to deploy our code and to do other tasks related to development, testing, and operations.
  • We can assign a team of developers to each project. It should be possible for a developer to be in one or more projects at the same time. Plus, it should be possible to move our developers between projects and to remove their access from a project.

Ideal organization for projects in AWS

So, is it possible to organize projects in AWS under the rules previously mentioned? If so, what are good resources to learn how to do this? If not, what cloud providers allow to organize projects the way we want?

Thanks for your attention and time. I’m looking forward to your replies.