How to season a player?

Granny Bells, the Night Hag, has captured a player (half-elf bard) and plans to eat her, as hags are wanton to do. Granny Bells has a preference for sour and bitter food and an extensive array of monster parts and spices available for her cooking adventure.

What should she throw in her cauldron along with the half-elf to get as sour and bitter an elf-soup she can manage?

The ingredients must be:

  • Actual cooking ingredients listed in one of the 5e rulebooks or adventure modules, described as especially bitter or sour


  • Part of a monster from a 5e rulebook or adventure module, described as especially bitter or sour. Granny Bells is not particularly concerned about the ethics of killing sentient monsters to prepare her food. (Obviously.)

And a half-elf obviously, but she’s got that part covered. Granny Bells is not well versed in cooking and operates under the assumption that more ingredients is better, so the best answer will be the one that throws in the most bitter and sour ingredients. She’ll get a bigger cauldron if need be.