How to stop Mathematica 12.1 from chopping off the axes arrows?

Using the following code, I make a simple graph that is exported to pdf:

format = AxesStyle -> {{Thickness[.01], Arrowheads[{0.0, 0.05}]}, { Arrowheads[{0.0, 0.05}]} } graph = ListLinePlot[Table[{t, 2*t}, {t, 0, 100}], format, AspectRatio -> .2] Export[StringJoin[NotebookDirectory[], "\ext.pdf"], graph]; 

When I look at the graph, it cuts of the end of one of the arrows:

enter image description here

The y axis is ok – but the x axis is not. The end of the arrow has been clipped. It seems to be related to increasing the thickness of the axis.

For what its worth, the in-notebook display of the graph has complete arrows. It is only the exported version that is clipped.

I want both axes thick, and I want the whole arrow, and I want it in PDF. How to do this?

Please note that it didn’t have this problem in Mathematica 11.3; it is only after I upgraded that this problem has arisen. I’m using 12.1