How to stop wrong-proxy exporter?

With this solution I unset all “residual” proxy values…
And I supposed to “purge” all configs (edited all config files described here at “Config procedures used”: I removed definitions from .profile, etc.

But now, as magic something is setting strange values that I never set, seems mixing/concating things: when I show env | grep -i proxy

HTTP_PROXY=http://http://pac._domain_/proxy.pac:8080/ https_proxy=http://http://pac._domain_/proxy.pac:8080/ http_proxy=http://http://pac._domain_/proxy.pac:8080/ no_proxy=localhost,,::1 NO_PROXY=localhost,,::1 HTTPS_PROXY=http://http://pac._domain_/proxy.pac:8080/ 

How to really purge all proxy generators, including the magic?

PS: the magic perhaps comes from Firefox forms or WiFi manager?